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Top scorer in video games

Team leader and pilot of the Cloudseeker

A positive go-getter

Always up for a challenge


Team mechanic and resident worrywart

Builder of the Cloudseeker

Flipant and smart-alecky

Good-hearted guy, tone deaf to his own words


Blissfully sure everything’ll be fine

Biggest concern: will it be cool

Co-pilot of the Cloudseeker

Always sunny, but blindly optimistic


Talks to animals and loves to bake

Team communicator

Nurturing motherly figure

Loves connecting with everyone

Good Luck

Determined to succeed by himself, without the aid of luck  

The mission’s navigator

Tackles every task with determination


Kind, wise, and fatherly

Supports the mission crew from afar

Used to be the leader, now the anchor


The mission’s “mom”

Practical and supportive

Believes if you pay it forward, your wishes will come true too

Full of people-wisdom


The night watch

A night-owl who loves to read

Enthusiastic scholar and the teams “search engine”

Remembers every tale and legend ever read


A cute, little Whiffle

Sense the approach of danger and squeaks a warning

The crews pet and companion

As eager as a puppy and curious as a kitten


Adolescent prankster

Irredeemably mischievous and endlessly comical

Ego driven and narcissistic

Self-outcast from do-gooding and care-giving

Bad Crowd

Goofy bunch of bad boys

Sent out by Bluster to plant Bad Seeds

Junior league yes-men toadying up to Bluster

Working to help Bluster expand Blusterland


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